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AE86 Trueno with the initial D character on board.
Enjoy the three-door, Watanabe wheel, panda color, well-maintained famous car.

If you would like to rent a AE86 Trueno, please come to our shop

If you want to drive AE86 Trueno by rental car in Tokyo, please use our shop.

Lightweight body with a compact body, front engine driven rear and less than 1,000kg of vehicle weight.
Due to the popularity of the anime "Initial D", it is a vehicle that has a very large number of domestic and overseas fans.

The vehicle to be introduced has a black and white panda color body with three doors. The front seat is a Recaro bucket seat. NARDI classic for steering. Equipped with a reinforced suspension, Watanabe AW, octopus feet, Kakimoto Kai muffler, etc.

At the time of the rental car introduction, refreshing of the air conditioner etc. is also performed and I think that you can ride comfortably.
Navigation is also available in four languages (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, English), easy navigation, Bluetooth, etc.

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Please enjoy the driving of famous cars

Please enjoy the driving of famous cars

Carrental-tokyo, which rents luxury cars and sports cars in Tokyo, handles rental sports cars from the past year, Toyota AE86 Trueno. This popular car has been thoroughly designed not only for the driver but also for the comfort of the second seat. Because we are particular about the details of the interior, you can experience a high-quality ride.
Carrental-tokyo, which offers rental cars such as luxury cars in Tokyo, is fully equipped with insurance in case of trouble, so you can enjoy traveling by car with peace of mind.
Our shop is trying quick correspondence. Please be assured that we have an environment that allows us to respond quickly to customer communications in the event of a problem. If you are planning to go out on a holiday, why not take the popular AE86 Trueno?
Please use our shop to make memories for everyone.

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